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Adopt or Buy?

THE BIG QUESTION...  Are you "Purchasing" or "Adopting" that Pet???  

We hear all the time "I want to adopt a parrot rather than buying it from a pet shop".  Do you really understand the difference between ADOPTING AND PURCHASING?



Technically a rescue organization does NOT  “sell”  you a Parrot.  They will "adopt" the bird to you following these guidelines:

(1)  A rescue organization screens its possible Adopters FIRST before granting one adoption rights.  There will be an Application or a Questionnaire for you to fill in, there may be a home visit, email or phone calls to ask you questions about yourself, your family, and your parrot experience.  You will need to wait for approval of your Application.  Not every Application may be approved at times also.

(2)  A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue requires a proof receipt copy to prove you owned a parrot in the recent past.  Not all rescues will do this, it is their option.  Since this is the Internet, this is just a way to make sure one is experienced in parrot ownership.  

(3) Rescue organizations need money to keep feeding and caring for animals left in their care. Expect to pay a reasonable donation for the bird of your choice. 

(4)  You will need to go thru the organization's adoption process.  Your Application will need to be approved before you can adopt.  There will be an Adoption Contract for you to sign to insure the bird is cared for according to the rescue organization’s policies. Then the bird is yours.  

Congratulations!  You have just ADOPTED  a bird.  

(4)  Rescue organizations will also give you more accurate background of the bird per info obtained from the previous owner and will give you the rescue's further observations while the bird is in their care.  

 Next Choice:

If you are not a patient person, if you expect to get a Parrot right away, you have never owned a Parrot before, or you do not think you are able to tame or train a parrot, then see below:


(1)   You pick out the bird you want and give the  Private Person, Pet Shop or Breeder your money the same day.  

(2)  You walk out with the bird immediately. You may or may not even get a receipt. 

(3)  When money changes hands and you personally are not checked out, you are purchasing, not adopting.

(4)   It is now common for Pet Shops to say you are "adopting" the bird from them.  This totally incorrect. You are purchasing that bird, whether it is a baby or an adult bird, or one turned over to them that they are reselling to you.  Sellers do not question you in detail before selling that bird to you, nor is there an application for you to fill in which will need to be approved first.  Money crosses hands when you walk in the door, and the bird is yours. 


Sellers at bird shows will sometimes claim to be "adopting" a Parrot to you.  They may even give you a big sob story as to the bird's background.  It may be true, but then it may not be.   Purchasing a bird off of Craigslist could possibly mean not getting accurate info about the bird either.  Private people do lie in order to get rid of animals they do not want. Also, Craigslist calls all purchases of animals "adopting" which is totally inaccurate.  You are really buying pets off of that site no matter how much you are paying for the animal.

All parrots deserve good homes, so choose your method.  But do not be fooled into thinking that you are "adopting" when you are in all actuality "purchasing" that bird from any other place except for a parrot rescue person or parrot rescue organization..   

(Fran Filak, Author, Director, A-Parrot to A-Flamingo, Inc., Parrot Rescue)


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