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This page offers answers to basic questions you may have about A-Parrot to A-Flamingo, Inc.   Pls. read over this page before contacting us.  This website explains our policies IN ADVANCE of anyone contacting us to avoid misunderstandings later.   Thank you.



How many birds do we have?   

 It varies, as birds come in and go out all the time.  We only accept the number of birds that our Management and our Volunteers can temporarily care for while waiting for their new home.  Our holding space is often temporarily full.  There may be a waiting list for accepting the next parrot too.   


What bird personalities do you get in?  I want a very tame bird.     

We get in older "second-hand" parrots which may or may not have some tameness and personality issues.  You need to have an open mind if you are interested in obtaining a parrot from a rescue organization.  If you happen to have a "shopping list" of personality requirements for the parrot you are searching for, a rescue bird may not be for you.  We adopt out parrots "as is" including tame or not tame, biting ability, health, quirky personalities, etc. all included.


Why does A-Parrot Rescue prefer to adopt out their PARROTS to experienced parrot owner? 


Our opinion is that if one has actually lived with a similar species of parrot, then they should be able to understand a parrot's possible "quirks" and know how to deal with them. Then, we feel, there is a better chance that parrot will STAY in that home.  We want to place birds into the best home we can find for them and to help eliminate the bouncing around into various homes which is common for birds with long life spans (15 years to 75 years).


Why do I need a proof receipt to adopt a Parrot from A-Parrot Rescue? 

This is the Internet.  We do not know the people who contact us.  Since these are rescue birds, they may come with some "quirks" one has to deal with. (screaming, biting, being not handleable, etc.)  We feel an experienced parrot owner will understand these "quirks".  So we do prefer to approve those applications first.

Tentative (PARROT) Adopters will need to be able to send us a paper copy of a "proof of parrot ownership receipt" (later) if one is interested in adopting a PARROT, large or small, from our agency.  Several forms apply.  The prefered copy is a vet check receipt which proves to us you have taken your parrot to the vet.   See other samples of proofs noted below.

We do not consider cockatiels, budgies, finches, canaries, or lovebirds as PARROTS.  NO proof receipt is needed if one is interested in adopting these small species of nonparrots.   


What types of “receipts” will qualify as parrot ownership proofs? 

Parrot purchase receipt, claw clip receipt, vet check receipt, DNA certificate, hatch certificate, prescription label, professional pet sitting receipt, cremation receipt.   (These must be on stationery.)   If you have any questions in this regard, feel free to email us.  

Can I come for a “bird tour” before going thru A-Parrot's email interview?  

No.  A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue is not a pet shop open for viewing parrots on hand.  We do not have the time to schedule  "bird tours" or visits till an application has been approved.  You will be coming to a private home.  

A-Parrot's "Virtual Bird Tour" is advertised on our page on Petfinder.com.   See    http://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?shelterid=OH662

 After your application has been approved by our Board of Directors, an afternoon appointment can be made to visit the bird of your choice. 

As a potential Adopter, I don’t want an older temperamental, biting,screaming, non-handleable bird... 

 No matter how cute parrots appear on Animal Planet programs, older rescue birds "may" come with some quirks the new owner will have to work thru.  Technically, parrots are still wild animals as they are not too far removed from living in the jungles.

Rescue organizations primarily get in OLDER parrots. If you want a baby parrot you will need to go to a breeder or a pet shop.  

Older parrots will always need time to adjust to their new home, new family, cage location, etc.  Parrots can be loud, messy, may bite until they get used to you.  Parrots involve entirely different care than dogs or cats.  A-Parrot is looking for someone with PARROT ownership experience.

I don't want a feather picker

Feather picked parrots are commonly turned over to rescue organizations.  Feather picking can be a psychological problem, rarely an "abuse" problem.  Birds that start out in perfect feather can resort to picking if they are unhappy where they are living or something upsets them in their home.  Or it can be a throwback for an older bird wanting to breed, which we discourage for our rescue parrots.  Sometimes a bird will destroy its feather follicles if it picks its feathers severely, and the feathers may not come back also.  A vet can give you more advice on this subject.

Our agency does not get in feather pickers that often, though.

 I am looking for a cuddle bird, totally a non-biter, or a gift for a child.... 

Again, this is a rescue organization not a pet shop.  Most birds that come in have had several owners.  One will need to have an open mind about bird personalities, although we do get in some nice tame birds too.  We will honestly explain each bird's "quirks" to you.  Also, we do not adopt out birds as "gifts" for children -- or gifts for adults....  Large parrots are really pets for adults also.

I want a baby or a very young parrot....

A-Parrot Rescue rarely gets in baby birds, although we would be glad to re-home any bird.  Primarily we get in adult birds.   Expect the bird to be maybe 5 yrs old or older sometimes...  Remember that most parrot species have long life spans.  Amazons could live to be 75 years old, African Greys could live to be 50.  Conures may live to be 35.   It all depends on the care one gives their parrot...  Remember with a bird that has a lifespan of 35-50 years, at 4 years old or so we consider it a BABY.

I want a talking parrot...

 Some species have “potential” talking ability but in all reality, not all parrots will talk.  This we cannot guarantee for you, although we will tell you if the previous owner tells us the parrot can talk.  Also it is up to the bird itself whether it will talk for you or not.  NO parrot will talk on que!

 I want a parrot.  What if I don't have a proof receipt?


After one obtains their first parrot from another source, you may feel free to contact A-Parrot Rescue to apply for your next parrot.  Save your receipt as proof!  Birds are always coming in here!



If you owned a parrot in the past, your vet may have an old record


You can always take your present bird in for a vet check or a claw clipping NOW.   You will then have your receipt!


If one thinks about it, it is really easy to obtain a proof receipt for your current parrot.

Are all parrots pre-vet checked?

Sometimes the previous owner has taken care of that.  Since we do not know what tests the individual Adopter prefers, we feel it is always best for the Adopter to  take the parrot to his own avian veterinarian after picking the bird up. If our agency vet checks a parrot, the cost is passed onto the Adopter along with the receipt.  Birds leave here in "visually good condition", and adoptions are "as is".

What do you mean by "No Kill" ??

Birds turned over to A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue will not be euthanized because of their meanness, biting, or old age.  We do not feel that a healthy, older parrot is on its deathbed.  We accept only parrots that we feel we can find homes for, but age is not really that important to us

Because parrots can live so long, they deserve a full life with an Adopter who understands that there may be lots of years left in an older parrot's life, as long as one cares for the bird and feeds it properly.

Of course if a bird is deathly sick, in pain, and the vet says it cannot be medically made well, then the kind thing to do in that case is to put it down.   However, due to financial considerations, A-Parrot to A-Flamingo can only accept healthy birds that can be adopted out.  We are not a dumping ground for sick or deathbed birds.  Pet owners should take responsibility for their own pet's welfare.

Euthanasia should always be used as a last resort choice for disposing of any pet.  A-Parrot will not take THAT responsibility over for you.   

   *People who favor unnecessary euthanasia instead of making an effort to re-home their adoptable bird or any pet will not be associated with this organization.  



What type of guarantee do you give on your rescue birds?

All adoptions are on an "as is" basis which includes both the internal health and personality of the birds we get in.  A-Parrot to A-Flamingo tries to adopt out only "visually healthy" birds.  Adopters receive copies of any vet check receipts we have.   We will not guarantee that our parrots will never bite, that they will make a good subject for talking, trick training, or be calm enough for taking to nursing homes for visits either. 


I want a parrot that will "fall in love with me at first sight".  It must bond with me immediately.

REMINDER:  A-Parrot to A-Flamingo is a rescue organization, not a pet shop that deals in handfed baby birds.  You will be considering an older parrot which may be a little set in its ways.   It is highly unlikely that any of our rescues will bond with you or turn somersaults for you when you first meet it.  If this is how you plan on choosing your parrot, it is best that you contact a pet shop to pick out a baby bird.

Most of the parrots we get in will not do "UP".  In fact sticking your hand in a strange parrot's cage can cause you to get bitten since that parrot does not know you.  In an adult parrot's mind, your hand will be "invading" its territory, its cage.  Most of the parrots here in rescue will need time to adjust to their new owner and new home.  If you still insist on sticking your hand in a parrot's cage the minute you walk in our door, be sure you bring your own bandaids.

A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue takes no responsibility for anyone being bitten by a parrot on our premises if this information is not heeded.

Why are you interested in getting a parrot? 

Do you want a Parrot as a "trophy", to show off and to be able to walk around the neighborhood with on your shoulder, to drive around in your car outside of its cage, as a birthday gift for a relative, as a talking "toy" for a child (or adult)?  Do you just figure "if" the parrot does not work out for you in a week, you will just unload the bird on Craigs List?  

If these reasons are why you want to adopt a parrot from our rescue, don't bother to contact us.   You are adopting a live, living, breathing creature requiring daily care.  Parrots and all pets are a commitment, not living toys.  


Per the Adoption Contract you will sign, you agree to return the parrot you adopt BACK to A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue if it truly does not work out for you.  Sorry, there are no donation refunds.  Our thinking is that when our Board of Directors approved your application, in reading over your information, we presumed you were experienced enough to know how to work with and deal with an older, second-hand parrot.  

Our nonprofit status:

A-Parrot to A-Flamingo, Inc. operates as a private No Kill  nonprofit organization.  We depend on the kindness of bird drop off donations for our rehoming and rescue efforts.   We do not have a 501C status at this time.  IRS deductions do not apply.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information over.  If you sincerely want to adopt a homeless parrot and have no problem with the above information, please email us right away to start your email interview.  You just may be the person we are looking for to adopt one of our second-hand parrots to!

Please read over Petfinder's  Pet Care Tips on bird ownership at:    http://www.petfinder.com/pet-care/parrot-companions.html   


 THE BIG QUESTION...  Are you "Purchasing" or "Adopting" that Pet???  

          Brokers and Sellers   vs.  A True Rescue Organization

The definition of these two terms is noted on our page ADOPT OR BUY.

  The issue of charging a fee to buy or adopt a pet:  


There are always discussions on the Internet criticizing people for having the "nerve" to want money for re-homing their pet.   However, there is nothing wrong or illegal with either a Seller or Rescue Person requesting an appropriate fee for re-homing a pet. 


There IS upkeep involved in animal ownership.  Animals need to be fed and cared for monetarily on a daily basis.   Fair reimbursement for these expenses is totally reasonable.

According to state laws, a pet is a "possession", so charging a "fee" is totally within the law.  

We pet owners seem to equate our pets with having human qualities because they are live, living, and breathing creatures.  And rightfully so...  But unfortunately, according to the law, pets are classified as our "possessions", just like a computer, auto, or a piece of jewelry.

 In fact it is never a good idea list a pet for "free" on Internet websites.  You may be "dooming" that pet's existence if it falls into the wrong hands.  This is a good article to read over:



Thank you for taking the time to read this information over.  Contact Fran if you have any other questions:  aparrottoaflamingo@danworl.com


*Rev. 2019 --  A-Parrot to A-Flamingo, Inc., Parrot Rescue is not affiliated with any other bird rescue organization, bird club, city department, other rescue organization, etc. The content and wording contained in this Website is for A-Parrot to A-Flamingo, Inc.'s use only.   

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